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Choose R Digital Alliance for a Privacy-First Future

Safeguard your marketing & your reputation with leading privacy & compliance solutions.

Digital Marketing's Privacy Shift

It’s the end of traditional cookie-based marketing and outdated Analytics! With a growing focus on data protection laws, businesses now seek solutions that respect user privacy.

From 1st July 2024,100% loss of data for e-commerce from the phase-out of cookies.

Marketers reallocating 20% of budgets to less efficient retargeting.

Decreased effectiveness tin product recommendations and cart reminders.

Higher legal & security risks with data sharing & weaknesses in outdated technology.

Stricter global privacy and data protection regulations affecting operations.


Don’t Struggle to Maintain Conversions

Enter the New Privacy Era in Marketing

We’re calling all forward-thinking businesses to join in & champion the cause for digital privacy.
Adopt first-party data collection; Decentralized ID & Consent Systems to replace cookies.

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R Digital Alliance Plan

Step 1

Onboarding key stakeholders ready to evolve your business process.

Step 2

We'll carefully analyze needs & adjust the framework to minimize marketing risks.

Step 3

160, 50 or 20 staff hours/mo from our experts to extend your team at a fixed cost.

Step 4

We deliver diverse solutions, from building websites & e-commerce platforms to implementing Web3 projects.

Step 5

From here, the focus is on continuously enhancing privacy measures to keep your business GDPR compliant.

R Digital Alliance - Our 3 Pillars


How we pledge to work with you

Data structure analysis & ideal tech solutions mapping.

Strong teamwork & process support.

Enhanced support, training, & access.


Our core areas of expertise

Privacy-first analytics & marketing for digital success.

Decentralized web3 & blockchain tech innovation.

Seamless integrations across all AesirX solutions.

Digital Leverage

Some digital solutions to choose from

AesirX First-Party Foundation.

AesirX Business Suite.

Web3/ Blockchain/ Decentralized tech.

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Core Solutions

We’re a Web3 Agency providing complete digital marketing services using the most advanced technology.

First-party Analytics & BI

Web3 Development

Anti-brute Force Single Sign On

Decentralized Consent Model

Marketing Automation Software

Privacy Monitoring Service

Custom CRM Solutions

Age & Residency Verification

E-commerce & Product Information Management

Partnership Options



$2.500/ month



$5.000/ month



$10.000/ month

Hours per month
20 hours per month50 hours per month160 hours per month
Based on your business needs & situation
Tailored to fit your online business
Includes implementation time
Predictable solution costs
Any resources including Front/Backend, UX Design, QA, PM, Content Marketing, etc
24/7 support w/o after-hours fees
Access to external tools (Slack, Trello, etc.)
Unlimited meetings & training of staff
Unlimited access to all AesirX Technology
Includes hosting/license management

Hourly rates beyond the included hours per month:

non ALLIANCE / Ad-hoc Project Price Hourly$125

At R Digital, we specialize in building various digital solutions, including websites, e-commerce platforms, and cutting-edge Web3 projects, leveraging advanced technology to meet diverse needs. If you have specific inquiries or need further details, don't hesitate to reach out to us through our contact link.

We prioritize privacy and GDPR compliance by integrating robust measures into our digital marketing services, ensuring data protection while utilizing advanced technology for optimal results.

Integrating AesirX First-Party Foundation tools with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal is seamless, requiring minimal installation requirements and offering compatibility across popular content management systems. [More info]

AesirX employs advanced data collection and storage mechanisms to safeguard user privacy and data security, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations while providing valuable insights.

By integrating SSO and SoP, R Digital enhances user interactions and ensures compliance seamlessly. SoP acts as a nexus, linking CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal via SSO, bolstering security & user experience across platforms.

The AesirX First-Party Server empowers you to take full control of your data on your WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal website. With secure data storage solutions, it ensures that your data remains under your control, providing peace of mind and user privacy assurance.

Implementing AesirX tools enhances your site's user experience by streamlining interactions and optimizing performance, providing a seamless and responsive digital environment.

AesirX provides flexible pricing structures and licensing terms, including free open-source options and a freemium model, catering to your specific needs. This ensures transparency, affordability, and cost-effectiveness in delivering tailored solutions.

Decentralized consent offers a compliant business model by empowering users with control over their data, fostering trust and transparency, while also enhancing regulatory compliance and mitigating risks.

SoP ensures secure digital interactions, authentic content, and user-controlled identities, fostering trust and transparency. With decentralized consent, users have full control over their data usage, promoting secure and compliant engagements online.

For more comprehensive information on R Digital’s core solutions for data ownership, privacy, analytics, and Web3 development, visit our dedicated page or reach out to us directly for personalized assistance.

What Do You Need To Do Now?

Our team of experts can help guide you & tell you if your current technology is legal.